Interior House Preparation and Painting


How We Prep The Room (Or House) For Professional Interior Painting Results

• Furniture is moved out or moved to the center of the room
• Bulky, oversized, difficult to move items are covered with heavy duty cloth
• Carpeted areas are protected with high traffic plastic
• Tiled, hardwood or vinyl floors are covered with rosin paper
• Imperfect drywall, nail holes, nail pops, cracks, etc. are professionally patched or caulked

Brush vs. Spray For Interior House Painting

When it comes to interior painting, many homeowners are confused about the difference in interior painting techniques with a brush versus painting with a sprayer. Depending on your painting goals, one technique might work better than he other.

For example, if you are on a budget and a time crunch, spray painting an interior room or the home’s exterior surface might make sense. For interior and exterior painting, spray painting is a faster process than brush painting.


Interior House Painting

Do you want to change the inside of your home with a great new paint job? Lee’s Pro Painters provide detailed interior home preparation of your walls and woodwork and then use high quality materials, expert paint application and complete job clean-up. There are limitless options from colors to finishes to make your home interior sparkle. Painting is the quickest way to make over your home into a place where you love live. Lee’s Pro Painters is way beyond the average paint company. We treat every home as a work of art.



We are family owned and operated and we know that you want the most out of the money you spend on painting your home. We guarantee that you will be pleased with our work because we treat your home just like it was our home. We love seeing our customers eyes when they see our quality work. We guarantee your satisfaction!


(                (Before Painting )

  (                    (After Painting )

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